According To The CDC, There Is Currently No Cure For Herpes.

According to the FDA, many products, claiming a cure for herpes, are in direct violation of FDA guidelines!


Don’t get ripped off by phoney claims, scams or products that claim, they have a cure for herpes!

imagesSites Claiming to have a cure for herpes!

There is no current cure for herpes but, many healthcare professionals agree, a strong immune system can reduce or eliminate herpes outbreaks!

Usually, people who are dealing with the herpes virus, can go lengths of time between having outbreaks. During this period, their immune systems are healthy and defending their body. Many things can weaken the immune system such as stress, diet, illness or other related issues. There are several amazing products that can strengthen your immune system and keep it at a heightened state!

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Do you know that, certain foods can cause the herpes virus to replicate? Don’t eat foods that feed the virus!

There are many foods that contain a large amount of Arginine and low amounts of Lysine. These foods can actually cause the herpes virus to replicate! Get a free list of foods to avoid and also find out what foods can actually be beneficial to defeating the herpes virus.

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By avoiding foods that cause the herpes virus to replicate and by strengthening  your immune system to help protect yourself,  many individuals can remain outbreak free! Until a cure for herpes is found, there is no need to suffer! Take action and start enjoying life again!

When a cure for herpes is finally found, it will be front page news worldwide. Several pharmaceutical companies are getting very close to unlocking this long welcomed news!

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